Ian MacKaye events

date event
Apr. 16, 1962 born
1977 saw first rock concert (Queen, Thin Lizzy)
1978 met Jeff Nelson in German class (Wilson High School)
Jun. 1978 finished Sophomore year (Wilson High School)
Sep. 1978 started Junior year (Wilson High School)
Jan. 19 or Feb. 3, 1979 saw first punk show (Cramps at Georgetown U.)
Jun. 1979 finished Junior year (Wilson High School)
Jun. 1979 formed The Slinkees (vocals: Mark Sullivan, guitar: Geordie Grindle, bass: IM, drums: Jeff Nelson)
Jun. 1979 Slinkees practiced in Jeff Nelson’s basement
c. Jun. 1979 wrote Adventure, Trans Am
Aug. 24, 1979 played The Slinkees only show
Sep. 1979 started Senior year (Wilson High School)
Sep. 1979 The Slinkees disbanded (Mark to college)
Sep. 1979 formed Teen Idles (vocals: Nathan Strejcek, guitar: Geordie Grindle, bass: IM, drums: Jeff Nelson)
Dec. 15 or 20, 1979 played Teen Idles 1st show in Nathan’s basement (w/ Untouchables, Section, Zones)
Jun. 1980 graduated (Wilson High School)
Aug. 1980 left for California (Teen Idles, Mark Sullivan, and Henry Garfield/Rollins)
Oct. 1980 wrote Straightedge, Stand Up, and others
Nov. 1980 Teen Idles disbanded
Nov. 1980 founded Dischord Records
Nov. 1980 rel. Minor Disturbance EP (Dischord 1)
Nov. 1980 formed Minor Threat (vocals/bass: IM, guitar: Lyle Preslar, drums: Jeff Nelson)
Nov. 1980 Brian joined Minor Threat (vocals: IM, guitar: Lyle Preslar, bass: Brian Baker, drums: Jeff Nelson)
Dec. 17, 1980 first day of “Unheard Music Festival” at dc space
Dec. 18, 1980 second day of “Unheard Music Festival” at dc space
Feb. 14, 1981 saw show at Woodlawn High School (w/ Necros, Count 4)
Jun. 1981 rel. Filler EP (Dischord 3)
Sep. 1981 Minor Threat temporarily disbanded (Lyle to college)
Sep. 1981 formed Skewbald/Grand Union (vocals: IM, guitar: Eddie Janney, bass: John Falls, drums: Jeff Nelson)
Dec. 1981 rel. In My Eyes EP (Dischord 5, Limp 41)
Dec. 1981 Skewbald/Grand Union disbanded
Dec. 1981 3-week tour as roadie for Black Flag in England
Mar. 1982 rel. Flex Your Head EP (Dischord 7) (MT: Stand Up, 12XU; TI: I Drink Milk, Commie Song, No Fun)
Apr. 1982 ??? Minor Threat reformed, w/Steve (Brain switched to guitar) (bass: Steve Hansgen, guitar: Brian Baker)
1983 rel. Out of Step EP (Dischord 10)
Aug. 1983 shot Salad Days photos, at “Dischord House” in Arlington, VA
Sep. 1983 wrote Salad Days
Dec. 1983 Minor Threat disbanded
1984 rel. 2 7”s on a 12” EP (Dischord 12) (same as Dischord 3 b/w Dischord 5)
1985 rel. 4 Old 7”s LP (Dischord 14)
1985 rel. Salad Days EP (Dischord 15) (Salad Days, Stumped, Good Guys)
May 1985 formed Embrace (vocals: IM, guitar: Michael Hampton, bass: Chris Bald, drums: Ivor Hanson)
Aug. 1985 played at Chevy Chase Community Center (w/ Rites of Spring, Bells of…)
Sep. 6, 1985 protested at Punk Percussion Protest, South African Embassy
Oct. 12, 1985 Positive Force festival, DC
Mar. 1986 Embrace disbanded
Mar. 1986 formed Egg Hunt (vocals/guitar/bass: IM, drums: Jeff Nelson)
1986 rel. Egg Hunt 7” (Me and You, We All Fall Down) (Dischord 20)
1986 Geoff and Steve joined Egg Hunt (IM, Jeff Neslon, Geoff Turner, Steve Hiles)
1986 Egg Hunt disbanded
1986 formed Fugazi (bass: Joe Lally, vocals,guitar: IM, drums: Colin Sears)
6 mos. later Colin left, Brendan joined (bass: Joe Lally, vocals,guitar: IM, drums: Brendan Canty)
6 mos. later Brendan left
1987 rel. Embrace LP (Dischord 24)
  rel. Live video (Dischord 27)
1987 rel. I Will Refuse/No Bunny 7”/12” (Wax Trax 31)
1988 rel. Trait EP (Wax Trax 47)
1988 Guy joined (bass: Joe Lally, guitar,vocals: Guy Picciotto, guitar,vocals: IM, drums: Brendan Canty)
c July 1988 rel. Fugazi EP (Dischord 30)
Dec. 1988 rel. Margin Walker (Dischord 35)
  rel. (Dischord 36)
1989 rel. MT Complete Discography (Dischord 40)
1989 rel. (Dischord 43)
1989 rel. Repeater (Dischord 44)
Oct. 1989 shot photos at Canadian Embassy and Ford’s Theatre, DC
  rel. (Dischord 45)
1991 rel. Skewbald/Grand Union (Dischord 50)
1991 rel. Steady Diet of Nothing (Dischord 60)
1993 rel. In on the Kill Taker (Dischord 70)
1994 produced Slant 6 Soda Pop*Rip Off
  rel. Red Medicine (Dischord 90)
Oct. 28, 1996 rel. Dischord 100