Minor Threat Tour

This is the original gig schedule I received from Nuit Hansgen.

10/30/82 WDC Woodlawn HS a   Brian
10/31/82 Univ MD Rithcie Colesium   PIL  
  NYC Irving Plaza a SSD/MDC  
11/20/82 Camden NJ Buff Hall v & a SSD . both
12/82 NYC CB’s a & v   . vid
2/ /83 NYC Great Gildersleeves      
3/ /83 Boston MA VFW Hall Cambridge a & v SSD  
3/ /83 WDC Wilson Center a GI Tom Lyle
Tour March 13-May 3        
  Richmond VA     Death Piggy Dave
  Chapel Hill NC     COC  
  Univ SC        
  Charlotte NC     COC  
  Nashville KY        
  Gainesville FL VFW Hall a-board Roach Motel  
  Orlando FL some Pizza Place   Roach Motel  
  Gainesville FL some Pizza Place   Roach Motel  
  New Orleans LA     weird show
  Houston TX   a-board Big Boys Tim
  Dallas TX VFW hall a-board Big Boys Tim
  Austin TX Skyline Lounge a-board Big Boys Tim
  Tucson AZ        
  Phoenix AZ     Jodie Foster’s Army  
2 April LA CA Chatsworth RollerWorks a/v Suicidal Tendencies, Youth Brigade .
  Hollywood CA Cathay de Grande   Youth Brigade Sean Stern
  San Francisco CA On Broadway a DRI, Verbal Assault, Youth Brigade  
  San Francisco CA Tool and Die   MDC  
  San Luis Obispo CA     Los Olivados  
  Santa Cruz CA        
  Sacramento CA        
  Reno NV     The Wrecks, 7Seconds Kevin
  Salt Lake City UT       Mark Phillips
  Kansas City KS   a Mortal Micronotz Rod
  Madison WI     Die Kreuzen, Tar Babies  
  Winnipeg CAN        
  Calgary CAN        
  Milwaukee WI     Clit Boys  
  Chicago IL     MDC, Articles of Faith, End Result  
  Detroit MI   a Necros Tesco
  Kalamazoo MI Serbian Hall   Violent Apathy, Negative Approach  
May 2 Cincinnati OH