Minor Threat [II]

date aud/vid flyer venue other bands
1982-04-29 A* F 9:30 Club, 930 F Street, Washington, DC Bad Brains
1982-04-30 A* F Wilson Center Faith; Artificial Peace; Iron Cross; Void; Double-O; Common Cause
1982-05-15 A* F "Club 57" [The Fillmore] at Irving Plaza, 17 Irving Place (corner 15th Street), New York, NY Double-O; Bad Brains
1982-05-31 F My Father's Place, 19 Bryant Avenue, Roslyn, NY Black Flag; Saccharine Trust
1982-06-12 F Gallery East, 24 East Street, Boston, MA Proletariat; SSD; FUs; Negative FX [scheduled but did not play]
1982-06-16 F Lansing Civic Players Guild, 2300 East Michigan Avenue, Lansing, MI Meatmen; Crucifucks; Whipping Boy
1982-06-18 A F Freezer Theater, 3958 Cass Ave., Detroit, MI Meatmen; Negative Approach; Whipping Boy
1982-06-25 F On Broadway, 435 Broadway, San Francisco, CA Free Beer; Personality Crisis; Dead Kennedys?; Fifth Column?
1982-06-26 F Janelle's (house?), 30? Bisby Street, Reno, NV 7 Seconds; Urban Assault (of South Lake Tahoe); The Wrecks
1982-06-27 F Tool and Die, 974 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA MDC; Deadly Reign; Arsenal
1982-06-30 F On Broadway, 435 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 7 Seconds; Juvinel Justice; Lennonburger
1982-07-02 F Clovis Warehouse, 1128 Barstow, Clovis, CA MDC; Cambodian Kids; Capitol Punishment
1982-07-03 F The Barn, Alpine Village, Torrence, CA Dead Kennedys; MDC; Zero Boys; Detonators
1982-07-09 F Internation Blend, Kings Road Cafe, 4034 30th St., San Diego, CA Hüsker Dü; Battalion of Saints; Men of Clay; Skullbusters
1982-07-10 F Stone Fox Studios, San Fernando valley, CA Youth Brigade; Unclaimed
1982-07-11 Dancing Waters, Los Angeles, CA Circle One; Black Flag; Dr. Know; MIA; Rat Sound
1982-07-16 F Ritz Theater, 320 E. 6th St., Austin, TX Infected; Dicks; Big Boys; Marching Plague
1982-07-17 F Paradise Island, Houston, TX My Dolls; Mamas and Dadas
1982-08-01 A* F 9:30 Club Faith; Scream; Void
1982-08-06 F Hollywood Palladium, 6215 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA Circle Jerks; Fear; Wasted Youth; Bad Religion; Adolescents; Meat Puppets; Jody Foster's Army; Circle One; Faith; Jerry's Kids; Youth Brigade
1982-09-?? V Dischord house, 2700 Washington Boulevard, Arlington, VA ("Another State of Mind")
1982-09-18 V* F Terminal 406, Baltimore, MD ("Another State of Mind") Bollocks; MDC; Agnostic Front; Faith; Scream
1982-10-01 A* F Colony Ballroom, Second Floor, Adele H. Stamp Student Union, University of Maryland, College Park, MD GI; Velvet Monkeys
1982-10-30 V* F Woodlawn High School, 4100 Vacation Lane, Arlington, VA Faith; Iron Cross; DOA
1982-10-31 F Ritchie Coliseum, University of Maryland, College Park, MD Public Image Ltd.
1982-11-05 A F "Club 57" [The Fillmore] at Irving Plaza, 17 Irving Place (corner 15th Street), New York, NY SSD; MDC
1982-11-20 V* F Buff Hall, 883 Princess Avenue, Camden, NJ SSD; Agnostic Front; Flag of Democracy; Crib Death
1982-12-18 V* F CBGB OMFUG, 315 Bowery, New York, NY Mob; Urban Waste
1983-01-03 F 9:30 Club Faith; Marginal Man
1983-02-20 matinee F Gildersleeves, 331 Bowery, New York, NY Even Worse
1983-02-25 A F Wilson Center GI; Social Suicide; ENB (Dove); Body Count
1983-03-04 V F VFW Mount Auburn Post 8818, 688 Huron Avenue, Cambridge, MA Necros; SSD; FUs; Meatmen
1983-03-11 F Benny's, Richmond, VA Death Piggy; White Cross; Graven Image; Bone Saw
1983-03-12? A* Chapel Hill or Charlotte, NC COC
1983-03-13? University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
1983-03-14 F Milestone, 3400 Tuckaseegee Rd., Charlotte, NC COC
1983-03-16 F Cantrell’s Room, 1901 Broadway, Nashville, TN CPS; Malignant Growth
1983-03-17 F Sternberger Auditorium, Founders Hall, Guilford College, 5800 West Friendly Avenue, Greensboro, NC Missionary
1983-03-18 A F American Legion, 521 East University Avenue, Gainesville, FL Roach Motel; Hated Youth; Sector 4; Moral Sex
1983-03-19? (pizza restaurant), Orlando, FL Roach Motel
1983-03-20? Reality Kitchen, 6 NE 1st Avenue, Gainesville, FL Roach Motel
1983-03-23 F Tupelo's Tavern, 8301 Oak Street, New Orleans, LA
1983-03-25 A F Paradise Island, Houston, TX Big Boys; Offenders; Drug Puppies
1983-03-26 A F VFW Hall, Dallas, TX Big Boys; Secret Weapon; Offenders
1983-03-27 A F Skyline Club, 11306 North Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX Big Boys; Offenders
1983-03-29 F Backstage, 321 N 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ Los Popularos; Civil Death; Conflict
1983-03-30? Pheonix Madison Square Garden, 3570 East Van Buren Street, Phoenix, AZ Jodie Foster's Army; Almighty Sphincter
1983-04-02 V* F Rollerworks, 9400 Oso Avenue, Los Angeles, CA Suicidal Tendencies; CH3; Aggression; Youth Brigade
1983-04-03 Cathay de Grande, 1600 Argyle Avenue, Hollywood, CA Youth Bridage
1983-04-04 San Luis Obispo, CA Los Olivados
1983-04-05 F Fulton House, 515 Fulton Street, Fresno, CA Capitol Punishment; NBJ; Cambodian Kids; Death of Glory
1983-04-06? Santa Cruz, CA
1983-04-07 F Voodoo Lounge, 120 Hubbard Way, Reno, NV 7 Seconds; Urban Assault; Jackshit
1983-04-08 F 24th Street Theatre, 2791 24th Street, Sacramento, CA Toxic Reasons; 7 Seconds; Dead Pledge; POW
1983-04-09 A F On Broadway, 435 Broadway, San Francisco, CA DRI; Verbal Assault; Youth Brigade
1983-04-10 F Tool and Die, 974 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA MDC; DRI; Deadly Reign; Bad Influence
1983-04-13 F Flat House, 153 South 1300 East, Salt Lake City, UT Boards; Massacre Guys
1983-04-15 A* F VFW Hall, 3027 Walnut, Kansas City, MO Choke; Mortal Micronotz
1983-04-17 F Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center, 953 Jenifer Street, Madison, WI Die Kreuzen; Tar Babies; Mecht Mench
1983-04-19 V* F Monterey Pavilion, 364 Furby Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Personality Crisis; Stretch Marks; Last Gasp
1983-04-20? Calgary, Alberta, Canada
1983-04-25 F OAP Hall, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Dead Kennedys
1983-04-26 F Purple Hearts Club, Lake St., Minneapolis, MN Willful Neglect; Red Meat; Final Conflict
1983-04-28? Lost Dutchman Mine, 300 West Juneau Avenue, Milwaukee, WI Clit Boys
1983-04-29 F Central American Social Club, 4003 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL MDC; Articles of Faith; End Result; Rights of the Accused
1983-04-30 A* F Serbian Orthodox Church, 4337 West Jefferson Avenue, Ecorse (near Detroit), MI Necros; McDonalds; Flesh Columns
1983-05-01 matinee F Blackspot, (basement) Hicks Student Center, Kalamazoo College, 1200 Academy Street, Kalamazoo, MI Negative Approach; Violent Apathy; Dick and the Balls; Disregarded; Agitated
1983-05-02 A* F Jockey Club, 633 York Street, Newport, Kentucky (near Cincinnati, Ohio) Malignant Growth